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Julia Altmann, MD I Medical Director of York Medicine, Aesthetic medicine practitioner. Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. At York Medicine, Dr Julia's goal is to achieve a uniquely personal and holistic offering that will help her patients improve their image and self esteem in a natural way that complements existing features.


Born in St Petersburg, Russia, growing up and practicing in New York, the Caribbean, Louisiana and Miami, Dr Julia has accumulated over a decade of experience in understanding various aesthetic treatments based on culture and ethnicity. Her intimate knowledge as a medical professional, specializing in syringe-based interventional procedures, means she can combine the rare blend of medical professionalism in the world of aesthetics. Dr Julia's initial career in medicine focused on physical medicine and rehabilitation. It was at this early stage that she began her passion for wellness and athletics, understanding that medical conditions associated with musculoskeletal sports injuries are simultaneously used for aesthetic rejuvenation treatments.



This helped cultivate her unified passion for wellness and integrative beauty, and Dr Julia quickly became recognized for her natural approach to injectables together with comprehensive patient care. Dr Julia is passionate about the combined disciplines of 'athletics and aesthetics', which is designed to cater to both the short-term and long-term approach of patient expectations and delivery of lasting results. She is also deeply committed to discovering innovative new ways to overlap beauty, sculpting, and rejuvenation, which has fueled her curiosity to expand her training and expertise within this multi-disciplined approach.

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